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Top 10 WordPress Books 2023

Nowadays you can use WordPress to create a professional website. The world-famous blog system is now often used for website creation including a CMS. As a professional content management system (=CMS) WordPress is ideal, because the use and installation is simple, and your customers can easily use WordPress with the clearly arranged administration interface. Hundreds of WordPress plugins enables each website to enhance almost any function. Especially in the field of web development for corporate websites, WordPress is best suited.

Practical In-Depth Wordpress Books

When it comes to create a new corporate site, one website-system is often mentioned first: WordPress. The former blog system is now one of the most popular CMS in the world. The reason seems clear: 100% free, expandable and countless programmers and agencies that are specialized in WordPress. Even the WordPress beginners can use it quickly: Countless WordPress books, answer any question that you may have starting your very first website. When it comes to hosting many ask: WordPress on a shared host, or at least a dedicated server?

Books for Web Design with WordPress

A typical question that you can ask as a beginner in website creation. Again the technical literature can help and quickly get out of that because a WordPress installation can run perfectly well on slower servers: The entire page can be cached, and you can start your new Web project at maximum speed. WordPress as a CMS: setting up a content management system for creating and processing of web content is easily. If you shut down the typical comment functions which are known from blogs, the user does not notice that there is WordPress in use. By using the WYSIWYG editor, editing without HTML knowledge can take place.

WordPress Book Responsive Themes

The strict separation of content and design, you can work in both areas simultaneously - the writer writes new content and web designers working on design improvements. One particularly popular feature is the automatic updating of the system: WordPress can keep itself up to date, and quickly respond to any gaps in security. Many Themes and Plugins let the appearance and functionality of your website expand almost without limit. Very interesting for many users: WordPress has a version history. Unlike other CMS, already amended articles and texts, can be reset back to an older version.

WordPress for Beginners

Besides WordPress that is installed on your server, you need only a browser already installed as software for populating content. The photo editing can also made by WordPress. WordPress and SEO: Even with the search engine optimization WordPress is on your side. Either you are using improved internal links, and rely on traditional SEO, or you trust one of the many SEO plugins that are available for WordPress to be well ranked in search engines. Just take a look at the books featured on this page.

WordPress Books at Amazon

One of these is perhaps for you - and the perfect introduction to WordPress. And by looking at the many Wordpress books your will realize at a glance how popular Wordpress is and how many different really good Wordpress books already do exist, the perfect Wordpress book for you is definitly among our list. There are basic how to guides for Wordpress as well as specialized Wordpress publications like Wordpress for SEO books, books for Blogger who use Wordpress or how to run a web shop with Wordpress. Some Wordpress books are for web designers, others are for programmers and developers and some Wordpress books are for those who want to create their website on their own.

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