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Top 10 PS4 Games 2023

Fans of the Sony Playstation 4 do agree: Sales figures and the wide range of games make the PS4 an outstanding gaming console. Countless hours are played with the favorite games in front of the screen. Hardly anyone who can escape form the most current bestselling games. But what are the currently best-selling games for the PS4? Which Playstation game can I give away with a clear conscience? Is there any new release that I should definitely take a look at? Keep track of these charts to stay up-to-date on which games are top rated in and which new releases might be worth buying.

PS4 Games Chart and Ranking

What was your favorite gaming console in the past? Those who grew up in the 80s will probably have made their first contact with a game console in the form of the Atari 2600. In 1986, this console was just incredible. The graphics abilities were unrivaled at the time, and the huge selection of over 1200 games was just unbelievable.

Gift Playstation Game

Since then, the technical development of new processors has naturally increased rapidly. Today's consoles reach their peak performance thanks to state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated game programming, which one could not even begin to imagine a few decades ago. If nowadays your son and daughter sit in front of the PS4 and you take a moment to have a look at current Playstation games, you can hardly believe how much effort is put into the production of a trendy game.

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How many PS4 games are there? That's a question that many websites answer very differently. As an example, the number of games in the Playstation Store are different from the number of games listed on Wikipedia. Here's the accuracy in detail, because like several versions of a game, games that have been planned, but not yet published or games that are available in stream or on DVD, all of them are counted. But it is also important to know what the currently most popular PS4 games are for your game console.

Latest Games for the Playstation

Maybe this website can help you here. The top 10 PS4 games are listed here by number of sales, and give a good impression of what is popular and frequently bought. In addition to the highlights, it is just the sports games that enjoy a great popularity. Sitting on the sofa and spending time on the sports field really does have a lot for many. If you want to know in detail what each games is special for and liked - read the reviews to get an idea. By clicking on each product you get price, review and can buy it immediately.

Best-Selling PS4 Games 2023

Also, these games are mostly suitable for children, which is not self-evident with the offered articles in all other categories. This is because the most popular Playstation games are sports games. In addition to the all-time favorites FIFA, wrestling, NBL, NHL, tennis and golf are also very popular. If you like golf, you may also be interested in the top 10 golfing video games. Current golf games for PC, PS4, XBOX and the Nintendo DS and 3DS are listed there clearly.

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